Welcome to my page and thank you for visiting!  My name is Terri and I am a single Mom raising 2 of my Grandchildren. I started using coupons a few years ago and now wonder why I did not do it before! Since I only have 1 income coming into my home I needed to find a way to stretch my paycheck. One day as I was watching TV I ran across  a program that showed people using coupons (and saving tons of money) and at first I thought it was too good to be true! Then I thought to myself  “Hey I can do that”!  So I got online and did a whole lot of research to see just what it took to do what I saw on TV. I should say here that what you see on that particular show is NOT the reality of couponing. Most if not all of the stores featured on the show waived parts of their coupon policies and accepted coupons that were not for the items purchased. THIS IS COUPON FRAUD and led to a lot of very disappointed shoppers!!  I will explain more on whaimages (4)t is and is not coupon fraud and how to use your coupons the way they were meant to be used later but for now I will tell you that you CAN find some AMAZING deals out there by using coupons and matching those coupons up with a great sale price! This page is dedicated to finding you some of the best deals out there and teaching you everything I know about couponing! So be sure to check out the other sections of this site!


Below are a few pictures of some of my shopping trips. Each one shows just how much couponing can save you!



Total before Dillon’s card was $155.82 After Card was $101.63 After coupons I paid $58.55! Saved $95.54!


Total before Coupons:$81.21 Total after Coupons:$28.25 Saved $52.96


All of this was FREE! Actually I made $4.00 in the end between the 2 transactions- Came home with 3-$2.00 Off OYNO Catalina's! Just cannot get much better than this!

All of this was FREE! Actually I made $4.00 in the end between the 2 transactions- Came home with 3-$2.00 Off OYNO Catalina’s! Just cannot get much better than this!


 Here are just a few pictures of my stockpile!


This is my stockpile! Someday I hope to have better shelving but until then my hodge podge of different units will have to do!

This is my stockpile! Someday I hope to have better shelving but until then my hodge podge of different units will have to do!








As you can see I have a medium sized stockpile. Right now we are a family of 4 so having a stockpile any bigger would not be practical since we would probably not use some things before they expire.

Decided to give you some more info on who I am and about my life.

Aside from running this page and raising 2 of my Grandkids I also have 3 biological children. I have been a single mom since 1986 and have raised my children on my own. Mistakes and all! My oldest daughter (Jamie) is married and has 2 children (Miss Madisyn) and (Master Kaisen). She is also a Registered Nurse. My son (Joshua) is the middle child and he is an Electrician. He is married and has 4 children. One of which he is raising (Miss Emma) along with his new wife! The 2 girls (Miss Alaina and Miss Bailey) that I am raising are his also and his son (Master Clayton) is being raised by an uncle. My 3rd child (Kaitlyn) still lives at home and is currently attending Kansas State University. She also works part time at Target. She has no plans to get married any time soon as she wants to travel before settling down. (SMART GIRL!) So that is my family! We are a mixed bag so to speak but I would not trade any of them for anything in this world!

Besides taking care of my family I also hold down a full time job. I am what everyone who has ever spent more than a day or 2 in the hospital calls “A VAMPIRE”! I am actually a Phlebotomist or a Laboratory Assistant and if I had a buck for every time someone called me a vampire I could probably quit my job and retire by now! Yes I am the person who wakes you in the wee hours of the morning to stick a needle in your arm to get blood samples for your Doctor! Next time one comes in to wake you BE KIND we are only doing our job as the Doctor ordered! LOL! I have been working at this job for over 13 years as of 2014. I enjoy my job most of the time because I like the interaction with my patients and also like knowing I have played a part in helping them get better.

For fun I love to read!!!!! I have built an impressive library over the years which includes over 300 books! I also like to Crochet from time to time, especially during the Holiday season! Over the years I have also written some poetry. Really BAD poetry but poetry nonetheless!

Being a single mother I have also learned to do many “man things” too. When you cannot afford to  hire someone to do things you learn real quick how to do it yourself! Books and the internet are both amazing tools to use in order to figure things out! In the past I have repaired my own appliances when they have broken, installed ceiling fans, rewired a fuel pump in a little pick up I once owned and can paint, wallpaper and do wood refinishing! Recently I took the carburetor off my mower and cleaned it then reinstalled it! Darn thing would not stay running for me! LOL

And last but not least I LOVE COUPONING!!!! My 19 year old daughter gets so mad at me because MOST of the time when shopping I will not buy things unless I have a coupon for it!

So in a nutshell this is who I am! Just an ordinary woman living a very ordinary life! I hope you will visit my site often and if you have ANY questions please feel free to either comment or send me an email!

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