I have been asked a lot recently where I get my coupons from. I get some of mine by buying the Sunday KC Star Newspaper and from my work place. I also have a gal that supplies me with some. There are actually a lot of ways to get them! I DO NOT recommend buying them from insert peddlers that can be found on ebay and other sites! This is not a legal way to obtain coupons! 

 1. Buy the Sunday paper-How many you buy depends on how much you want to spend and how good the coupons are for that week.

2. Ask friends, family, coworkers and neighbors who get the paper and do not use coupons if you can have theirs!

3. Print coupons online. There are several places online to print coupons from. These are the ones I use the most.










4. Dumpster dive if you are brave! Look for recycle bins and jump right on in! I personally do not do this but it is not unheard of!

5. Some people trade with other couponers if they have coupons each other wants!

6. Write to manufacturers and ask for them! Most companies will be happy to send you coupons if you write them telling them how much you like their product!

7. Watch the isles at your store for tearpads, blinkies and peelies! Walgreens has a booklet they put out each month that is usually by the ad! Also pop into Dillon’s Pharmacy as they have a coupon booklet too!

8. Magazines! Almost all magazines have coupons tucked within the pages! One good one is All You!

9. Catalinas! Catalinas are those lovely pieces of paper that print off with your receipt!



There are a couple of coupon programs that are great to use in conjunction with your paper coupons to save you even more money. They work by paying you money back for buying certain products. Here are the links to sign up for these programs:


Ibotta requires that you have a smart phone to use! To use Ibotta you select the product you are going to purchase before buying it and submit your reciept afterwards to earn your cash back.


You can use checkout 51 from your computer or you smart phone! No need with this to select your product before hand. Just purchase then submit your reciept!


Ebates pays you to shop your favorite stores online when you go through their site to do so! While with online shopping you cannot use paper coupons you can use coupon codes at checkout to save more!


Target Cartwheel is an app that you can install on both you home computer and your smart phone. Download the app and sign up for an account. Then log in and browse the offers. Pick the ones you want then go shopping! At the check out you log in and the cashier will scan a barcode that pops up when you go to “My Cartwheel”! It is that easy!


With the Target Mobile App you get coupons sent to your phone. You can then use those coupons when shopping in addition to your Target Store Coupons, Manufacturer Coupons and Cartwheel!


Shopmium is an app like Checkout51 and Ibotta make your purchase from the offers included,make your purchase then scan the product barcode and submit receipt!

Use referral code YGKMUHQG when signing up!

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